Andrew Hutchinson named Young Horticulturalist of the Year

YHOTY Last night in Auckland, Andrew Hutchinson (Potato Technical Support for Wilcox) was awarded the Young Horticulturalist of the Year tittle after participating in 2 days of challenging exercises, panel discussions and HortiSports. Andrew won four of the six categories
  • Primary ITO Career Development Award
  • T&G Practical Activities Award
  • Fruitfed Supplies Leadership Award
  • Countdown Best Speech Award
  • AGMART Market Innovation Project - 2nd place
We are very proud of Andrew and the continued commitment he shows towards self-development, the Wilcox business and the greater horticultural industry. Andrew is looking forward to utilising the scholarship funds to travel overseas and further his understanding of agronomics in the potato sector. Congratulations Andrew  

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Friends of Wilcox

Goodness always tastes better with Wilcox

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Wilcox started growing potatoes and onions in the volcanic Pukekohe soil in the early 1930’s.

Now, four generations on, we’re still growing the most delicious varieties of potatoes, onions, and carrots in the most fertile areas all over New Zealand.

It’s what we do to bring the best tasting goodness to your table every night.

Seasonal Focus

  • Perlas New


    Perlas are small, new season potatoes that are washed and ready fresh out of the box. Their small size means they cook easily and consistently, retain their goodness and taste delicious. Perlas have delicate, fine skins; leave them on, no peeling required! They are high in vitamin C and fibre, particularly with the skins on, achieving the National Heart Foundation tick. They have a smooth waxy texture and hold their shape well when cooked. Great for every occasion and are excellent served either hot or cold. Perfect for easy and healthy family meals; thrown on the BBQ, in a salad, or gently boiled and tossed in a little olive oil and sprinkled with herbs and seasoning. Perlas Baby potatoes are perfect if you're after a smaller bite size potato...great for kebabs and salads . Perlas are only available during the spring and summer seasons, from September through to March.