Carrots from Wilcox are grown in the key growing regions of Pukekohe, Matamata and the home of the Giant Carrot, Ohakune. They're harvested, washed, graded, and pre-packed so you can enjoy their taste, crunch and goodness all year round. Our varieties are selected and grown for quality, taste, and crunchiness.

Crisp, sweet, and with that richness of colour and flavour, carrots are so versatile. They’re an essential ingredient in recipes from stews and soups to stir-fry dishes, raw salads and juices. Packed with vitamin A and anti-oxidants, carrots are loaded with health benefits. Find your carrot inspiration here!

Hot Tip!

Seal in the flavour

To preserve their natural sugars and sweet flavour, cook carrots in as little liquid as possible. Steaming and baking both help seal in the flavour.