The home of the great kiwi potato

Wilcox has been growing potatoes since the 1930s. It was Syd Wilcox who first saw the value in the rich Pukekohe soil and replaced his cows with potatoes. Now, three generations on, we're growing potatoes all over New Zealand to provide the best conditions for the best varieties. We've always looked for new and delicious varieties to bring to your table and our latest addition, Inca Gold, continues that tradition. We've gone way beyond the typical boiled, roasted and mashed potatoes (not that we don't still love them that way!) We all know that potatoes are nutritious, delicious and so very versatile. Find your potato inspiration here!

Hot Tip!

Gluten Free

Try making Gluten Free Lasagne with thinly sliced potatoes instead of pasta sheets!

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