Our purpose & values

​You will see reference to our values throughout the Working at Wilcox information. Our 3 core values were developed by our staff and are demonstrated across the business on a daily basis.

We really believe in what they stand for and they way they influence the way we work individually and as part of the wider Wilcox team. Our value statements should give you a good feel for what working at Wilcox is like. We are looking for the best people – those who are committed, serious about their ability to contribute and who believe in being accountable at all levels. It is the way we do things for want of a better way to put it, and we are proud of this. Chris Morgan - C.E.O A.S Wilcox & Sons Ltd


Growing Healthy Communities From The Ground Up


Respect at our core

  • Our integrity is our strength
  • We develop and value good, strong relationships
  • We embrace everyone as our equal in the way we speak and listen
  • We choose positivity, every day
  • We take pride in everything we do
  • We care for our land to ensure a sustainable future

Expect the best

  • We all have the responsibility to deliver, individually and collectively
  • We hero leadership and good management
  • We have the resilience and perseverance to succeed
  • We are self-motivated and own our responsibilities
  • We are proactive and ask "what can I do?"

Together growing

  • We never stop growing..as people and as a company
  • We actively challenge ourselves to find a better way
  • We grow people too
  • We constantly seek and support new innovation
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