Guide & varieties

Varietal Guide

We grow 2 varieties of carrots on our farms. Nantes is the variety that we grow the most of and supply our domestic customers with.

The second variety is Koyo which is predominantly exported but on occasion is supplied domestically.


Nantes carrots have been described as cylindrical with smooth skin and entirely edible bright orange flesh that is both sweet and mild in flavour. It is recognised globally to be a Gold standard for medium sized carrots. Its most unique characteristic is that it is both rounded at the tip of the root and at the top. Nantes carrots are revered for their sweetness, crisp texture and inconspicuous core.


Koyo is a variety that is shorter than standard carrots, with a wide shoulder that tapers to a rounded tip. The skin finish is very smooth and typically the colour is a very attractive deep orange, they also have a high sugar content. This means we are sweeter than other carrots and have a high beta carotene concentration (vitamin A). They are excellent raw and are great for juicing.

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