Seasonality & growing

​At Wilcox we understand what effects climate, soil quality, growing seasons and geographic areas have on individual potato types.

Knowledge of the many different potato types and how they respond to these growing conditions is essential to achieve the best possible quality. In order for Wilcox to be able to supply to the market all year round we sequentially plant at approriate times throughout the year in different parts of the country.

Seed Potato Selection

Crop improvement programmes ensure popular varieties of potatoes are available through the growing season. Varieties are continually evaluated to ensure consistent quality standards in cooking use, taste, texture and keeping properties.


Planting takes place over a 4 – 6 month period depending on potato variety, season and growing region. Quality seed potato is dropped into furrows by a mechanical planter at precise depth and spacing depending on season and varietial preference.

Soil analysis determines fertiliser application and the soil is ridged over the tubers to form rows.The ridging or hilling of the soil protects the tubers from sunlight if they grow close to the surface.

Growing Cycle

Crop health has a direct effect on resultant product quality so during the growing cycle fields are monitored for pests and disease and careful consideration is given to control methods.


At this point the tubers are fully grown. Plants die back prior to harvest allowing the tubers to mature and the skins to set so they will store well. Havesting machines work through the rows gently lifting the potatoes out of the ground, separating the earth and transfering tubers to storage containers for delivery to packhouse facilities where they are cleaned, graded and packed ready for immediate delivery to your supermarket.

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